School Carnivals – Omaha, Nebraska, Iowa

Thinking about having a carnival, but don’t know where to start?

You have come to the right place! Fun Services has been providing school carnivals for over 50 years! With our traditionally- fashioned favorites and newest updated games, inflatables, and all the extras, we can give you the kind of carnival you remember from when you were in school – with all the newest options!  Maybe you’d rather try our new wristband option, or maybe you just need a few extras to add some pizzazz to your event: We are all you need to know when it comes to school carnivals!

With Fun Services, planning a school carnival is easy!

  • Free Midway Games and booths!
  • There are no up front costs!
  • Pay only for the prizes & supplies used!
  • You make 50% – or more profit!!
  • There is a $500 minimum billing for this type of event!

Supply games including booths, signs, instructions, and supplies at no cost
Provide all prizes on complete consignment, requiring no up front costs
Arrive approximately 2 hours prior to event start for set up
Provide an event manager who stays on site throughout your carnival

Provide adult volunteers for set up, tear down, & event staffing
Run games & award prizes correctly, as stated on the provided instruction sheets
Provide tables, as needed, for games and redemption center
Provide 1 can or box at each game for ticket collection
Provide all electricity, as needed, for games and activities
Take all ending counts of leftovers including prizes and unused supplies
Pay for prizes, supplies, delivery, and rental fees at the end of the event

Set the length of your carnival; 2 to 3 hours is typical
Choose your games; how many depends on your enrollment
Set your ticket price; 5 for $1.00 & 4 for $1.00 are typical; most schools like to do a presale
Decide how many tickets per game you would like to charge; most schools charge a combination of 1, 2, and 3 tickets

Parents & teachers can each take a shift at staffing the games!
Kids can help run the games, as long as an adult is with them!
We have games to appeal to all ages and all skill levels – no one walks away from a game empty handed!
We use Point Cards at the games which makes it SUPER easy for your volunteers!
Most games can be used indoors so you can have your carnival anytime!

Our red & white striped game booths add to the fun atmosphere and also keep distances set for the games.

With a Redemption Center at your carnival, all the prizes are in one location!  This not only reduces the temptation of your game volunteers to be a little too generous, but the kids get to pick out the prizes they want!
All you need are a few tables and friendly volunteers to make your Redemption Center a success!!


  • 2 Tickets will get someone jailed for 2 – 3 minutes.
  • 1 Ticket will buy your way out of jail (If you want).
  • No one can be arrested more than 3 times per carnival.
  • Your ‘sheriff’ must be someone who can keep the kids from getting too rowdy. This should be a teacher, principal, or appropriate parent volunteer. Kids should never be put in charge of your jail – adults only!
  • Your ‘deputies’ should be volunteers who know many of the kids at your school – they will be the ones sent to make the ‘arrest’.  Your 5th & 6th graders can be very good at this, provided you get recommendations from teachers on who would be best and not get out of control!

When added to a full service carnival, there is no rental fee, and 40% of all the proceeds go to the school!

Larger schools may also want to add an obstacle course to their carnival. As with our moonwalks, there is no rental fee when added to a full service event, and 40% of the proceeds go to your school. Our largest schools may add another inflatable, with 40% of the proceeds going to the school. Smaller schools have the option to rent additional inflatables for their carnivals.

Start Planning Your Next Event Today!