Toxic Meltdown

A Favorite at Fun Services

The Meltdown is our latest addition to the plethora of inflatables we offer! Challengers each take a spot on a pedestal and ready themselves! They must gage the arms distance and speed and time their jumps or ducks accordingly! Any miscalculations will result in failure and humiliation!

The two mechanical arms are at different heights and are controlled by a Fun Services staff member who can speed up or slow down the speed at their discretion! It adds an uncertainty factor that is going to keep everyone on their toes…. or on the floor!

Who will be the victor?! Good for laughs all around and entertainment all day!

More Information

Number of participants at a time: 8
Space Requirements: 30’ x 30’
Special Requirements: Requires a Fun Services staff member to operate at all times. Staff will adhere to weight and height requirements.

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